What do we provide?

1. Project Development, technology transfer and Joint Ventures Facilitation


We act as a strategic partner to our clients in developing and implementing innovative Greenfield project opportunities. We build highly sophisticated investment projects and we apply state-of-the-art project development and management solutions. We facilitate know-how transfer between regions and countries, which we sometimes finance from export credit development agencies. 

We work on inter-mediating partnerships, Joint ventures, alliances and technology transfer agreements between Canadian/North American companies and potential partners in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and other Middle Eastern countries utilizing our relationships with a wide spectrum of established businesses and investors, and also utilizing structured approaches implemented by our teams of business development advisors that are available on ground in all our covered markets.

Our spectrum of services go way beyond matchmaking investors with technology providers into structuring the partnership, conducting market and feasibility studies to getting government licenses among other services which end up in a successful project launch. ​

2. International Expansion and Export Promotion


We work with Canadian/North American companies in order to assist them with exporting to the Middle East & other emerging markets. We also help them with finding proper trading partners like agents and representatives to their products and services. 

Our experienced consultants can reduce the cost and risk of our client's cross border expansion by acting on behalf of our clients in searching, shortlisting and evaluating potential partners when considering new market entry. Kingston investments work on bridging any gaps. 

Our services extend to other supporting areas like translation and visits/conferences facilitation and introduction to competent local legal advisers. Our understanding of the unique cultural business practices in the Middle East region can help in birding any gaps in your new market entry.

Kingston Investments will work with your team to identify new business opportunities in the Middle East, create a market entry strategy, implement your strategic plan successfully and negotiate and engage with potential local partners.

3. Master Franchises Arrangements:


We work with entrepreneurs, family conglomerates and private investors in the GCC area and we help them in searching, locating and buying master franchise rights for their area, country or region and we do cover a vast spectrum of sectors and industries as we have access to around 500 Franchisor. We conduct a proper due diligence on the franchisor, we interview some of its other international master franchisees and we appoint legal advisers to make sure that the franchise agreements are fair for our clients. We prepare business plans and feasibility studies to launch the franchised business.  We facilitate the whole process until the deal is closed.

We also represent franchisors and international brands that are looking to expand to the Middle East and/or the GCC region and we help them in finding the best local master franchisee and we make sure they are dealing with the right trustworthy local partners by conducting proper due diligence on the potential partners. We facilitate the introduction, visits, negotiations and contracting in order to reach to a successful closing. ​

We also work with some of our clients in franchising their businesses and relying on franchising in growing their businesses locally and internationally. We do that by helping our clients in developing a proper legal, financial , business and marketing structures to franchise their business models.   

4. Identification of Business Partners:


We support you in identifying and finding suitable business partners in the Middle East to support your venture or technology using our vast network of of business groups.

​5. Market Studies and Market Entry Strategies:


​Our expert consultants provide our clients with data collection, market intelligence, competitor analysis, market research, sector studies , market opportunity assessment, feasibility studies and market entry strategies. 

6.Investment, Real Estate & Immigration:

We provide full solutions to international investors that are interested in immigrating to or investing in North America. 

We've strong relationships with the best licensed business brokers, Merger & Acquisition Advisers, financial advisers , real estate brokers, immigration lawyers and other service providers that we refer our clients to. Those licensed specialists can help you  in immigrating to north america, or probably investing by acquiring profitable running businesses, lucrative real estate investments, private equity or venture capital investments.